The weekend’s coming up, and if you’ve got the time, we’ve got the movies. The five films on hand are all different and all extremely watchable … which should come as no surprise, because that’s how we roll on Showtime.

Kirsten Dunst (as Lee): “Every time I survived a war zone, I thought I was sending a warning home: ‘Don’t do this.’ But here we are.”

Kirsten Dunst is a photojournalist who finds herself in the middle of a second American “Civil War.” The film is a frightening look at our country if we can’t resolve our differences.

Jay Hernandez (as JB Peña): “Now, these teams, they’ve had access to a lot of things. You boys haven’t, but the best golfer isn’t the one with the fanciest clubs, it’s the one who can summon the will to keep swinging when things get tough.”

In the mid-1950s, five Mexican boys challenged the idea that golf was a white man’s sport. “The Long Game” is their true story.

Nicolas Cage (as Paul): “There are those who believe they came after the pollution that people caused, and they’re here to cleanse the planet of the human race.”

A bleak future. Monsters that only come out at night. And to top it off, Nicolas Cage in the lead role. “Arcadian” is all that — and a lot more.

Larissa Dali (as Becky): “Hello, I’m Rebecca. I’m one of your new neighbors. Everyone just calls me Becky.”

Folusho Peters (as Joy): “Nice to meet you.”

Everyone might call Larissa Dali “Becky,” but you’ll call her deadly after you check out this story of a neighbor from hell.

Simone Joy Jones (as Tanya Crandell): Morning, Mrs. Sturak. Mrs. Sturak?

Ayaamii Sledge (as Melissa Crandell): “Sweet! My first dead body.”

Miles Fowler (as Bryan): “I’m for sure going to juvie.”

“Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” is a 2024 retelling of the 1991 big screen comedy.

Not much has changed. Mom goes away, babysitter drops dead, and the kids go wild.

Donielle T. Hansley Jr. (as Kenny): “Dishes are done, man.”

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