Broward Meat and Fish Company

At Broward Meat and Fish Company, we strive to deliver the broadest selection of quality local, Caribbean and international foods to our customers. We focus on fresh food, so that you can get everything you need for your traditional, home-cooked meals. More than 60 percent of our floor space is devoted to Meats, Seafood, and Produce, including favorites like fresh goat and oxtail, whole hogfish snapper, and yams, scotch bonnet peppers, and other island produce. And with fully-staffed service counters to prepare your meat and seafood orders as you like them, customer service is our No. 1 priority.

Boat Pass Club

BoatPass, the subscription service disrupting the boat and yacht industry, is coming to Miami! Enjoy a boat trip every month including captain, gas insurance. Prices starting at $599 per month with no initiation or cancellation fees. If you’re unable to use your Pass on the month you got it, don’t worry – every unused Pass rolls over to the next month forever! Passes never expire (as long as you remain a member, of course).

Forget about the headaches and over-cost of owning a boat. Simply book, show up, and enjoy your captained trip!

Chen Senior Medical Center

At other doctors, you might feel like everything is designed around the doctor. Here, we design your care around you. We are committed to making sure you are treated like a VIP – a Very Important Patient. Unlike some other doctors with thousands of patients, our doctors take care of fewer than 500 patients. We do this so we can really get to know you. Your doctor and your dedicated care team will spend more time with you and see you more often. We believe this relationship is a key to better health.

Neaman Family Home Improvement

Since 2005, Neaman Family NF Home Improvement, have been helping homeowners transition from standard-issued old windows to the new Florida building code Approved Hurricane Impact Windows and Doors. We offer homeowners expert guidance and affordability through different programs. We are experts in making your home 1000x safer against severe storms and flying debris when compared to the windows you will be replacing. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that the decisions you end up taking remain good ones into the many tomorrows to come for you, your home, family, and property.