We tried BoatPass and it was an incredible experience.

We now understand why it is disrupting the boat and yacht industry in Florida.

A New Era of Boating. BoatPass is here to stay.

Florida has welcomed a game-changer in the world of boating – BoatPass (boatpassclub.com). This innovative membership club is disrupting the traditional boat and yacht industry with its unique and flexible approach, offering Florida residents an exciting way to enjoy the open waters without the hassle and costs typically associated with boat ownership.

Why BoatPass Makes the Florida Boating Experience Even Better.

While Florida offers an unparalleled boating experience, not everyone has the luxury of owning a boat. This is where BoatPass comes into play. Their exceptional service bridges the gap between desire and reality, making boating accessible to all. Imagine not having to worry about maintenance, docking fees, captains, or other cumbersome aspects of boat ownership. With BoatPass, all you need to focus on is the open water, the sun on your face, and the wind in your hair.

Unparalleled Service.

BoatPass service accentuates the Florida boating experience, making it seamless and hassle-free. From their wide fleet to the guaranteed availability and the freedom to explore Florida’s waters at your own pace, BoatPass ensures that your boating adventure is nothing short of perfect. And with the backdrop of Florida’s natural and architectural beauty, combined with the exceptional service of BoatPass, every trip becomes an unforgettable adventure, a story waiting to be told.

Experience the water with peace of mind.

Boating can be an electric social experience, and BoatPass has perfected this dynamic. Imagine this: the gentle sway of the boat, the Florida skyline reflecting the golden hues of sunset, and you, surrounded by friends, all in the intimate setting of your private yacht for the day. BoatPass boats can transform into fine dining venues. Order from Florida’s top restaurants or curate a menu for you. Whether it’s celebrating a milestone, catching up with old friends, or just taking a break from the usual, BoatPass has you covered. Equip the boat with your favorite tunes, indulge in some cocktails, or simply lay back and stargaze. Every moment on the water becomes a cherished memory. In essence, with BoatPass, you are not just booking a boat — you’re curating experiences, elevating moments, and forging memories that will stand the test of time. Whether it’s a sophisticated soirée or a fun-filled gathering, set sail on a journey that’s uniquely yours.

Florida is the perfect place to enjoy a boat.

Florida, renowned for its distinguished shores and clear waters, is a prime location for maritime pursuits. Navigating through Biscayne Bay provides an unparalleled vantage point from which one can appreciate Florida’s modern and historical architectural landscape. As one boats through the bay, it is not uncommon to observe dolphins, adding a touch of nature’s wonder to the journey. Venturing further, one can encounter Florida’s private islands. These islands, with their grand mansions and vast estates, offer insights into the luxury living. Additionally, Florida’s coastline is punctuated with sandbanks that are suitable for short recreational halts. As the day concludes, the skyline offers a setting that underscores the city’s beauty.

Our BoatPass Review.

We signed up to try and test the BoatPass service and we were genuinely impressed with what we experienced. Booking a boat online was incredibly easy, with a wide range of options available. We received a confirmation email with clear instructions, along with our captain’s contact information a day before our trip. When we arrived at the marina, our captain was there to greet us warmly. We chose to take a bay tour and later anchored at a sandbar for some swimming. Overall, our experience was fantastic, and we totally recommend BoatPass to others.

During our expedition with BoatPass, we had the privilege to set sail on an exclusive 38ft Pardo 2022. This vessel is the personification of maritime luxury and performance. Its sleek design combined with its state-of-the-art features ensures not just a journey, but an experience. It’s no exaggeration to say that every inch of the boat was in impeccable condition. The captain spirited and fun character made the voyage even more delightful. But the true icing on the cake? The onboard stewardess. Her expertise and attention to detail elevated our journey to an unparalleled luxury.

Here’s a breakdown of how BoatPass works:

At the heart, BoatPass is a straightforward concept: members pay a single monthly fee starting at $599 and gain access to a monthly boat trip, complete with a captain, gas, and boat insurance. The key selling point? There are no initiation fees, cancellation fees, security deposits, or minimum commitments. Furthermore, there is unlimited rollover: if you don’t take a trip on a certain month, you can accumulate trips and take them later. This straightforward approach really makes boating more accessible and stress-free than ever before.

  • Monthly Boat Trips: A BoatPass membership gets you one Pass per month, good for one boat trip. There’s also an option for two or more Passes for those who wish to boat more frequently, or even one Pass every two months, for those who wish to boat less frequently.
  • Rollover Passes: Forget about losing unused Passes, as they roll over to the next month, ensuring that you never miss out on a boating opportunity.
  • Worry-Free Experience: Owning a boat can be a headache, but BoatPass simplifies the process. Members just need to book, show up, and their captain will be waiting for them at the dock.
  • Everything is included: From the boat itself to the captain, gas, water bottles for members and guests; and the cooler full of ice.

BoatPass is all around Florida, and expanding.

BoatPass has presence in multiple marinas throughout Florida, something that no other Boat Club offers. Members have the flexibility to book boats from any of the conveniently located marinas. The company is rapidly expanding and has plans to establish itself in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Palm Beach soon.

Their fleet is extensive and diverse.

BoatPass offers a diverse fleet of boats, categorized into SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, DIAMOND, and BLACK. For those seeking a luxurious experience, LUX Boats are available to all members. Members can easily upgrade to bigger or LUX boats while booking, without affecting their membership.

Their Booking System is super easy.

Booking a boat with BoatPass is as easy as it gets. Members book online up to three months in advance with just three clicks. Members can choose any boat within their category, or upgrade to bigger or a LUX boat by simply paying the upgrade (without affecting their membership). The base membership includes a half-day trip. For longer trips, extra hours can be added, or two Passes can be combined for a full-day adventure.

With a design centered on user convenience, securing your boating experience is now as effortless as two primary steps:

  1. Select the Date: Simply pick your desired date on their interactive calendar.
  2. Choose Your Boat: Browse the diverse fleet and pick the boat that aligns with your preferences.

And that’s it! Once confirmed, your captain is promptly notified and will be ready and waiting to embark on your maritime adventure. It’s boating, simplified.

We were not expecting so much availability.

BoatPass stands out with its guaranteed availability on the chosen date, a feature that sets it apart from traditional boat clubs. Members can check live availability online and book on the website to plan their perfect boating day. BoatPass is so transparent with their high availability that they even showcase a webpage where anyone can see the availability of each boat: https://www.boatpassclub.com/availability

Access to Personalization and Flexibility.

BoatPass understands that boating is about freedom and personalization. Members can play their own music using Bluetooth speakers on board, rate their boat experience, and choose their destinations (the captain will always recommend different options). The club also offers optional add-ons for those looking to enhance their trip. BoatPass goes the extra mile with “BoatPass Experiences”, offering personalized luxury and a dedicated concierge service. Members can plan unique trips, even beyond Miami, to destinations like the Florida Keys and the Bahamas.

Pricing and Membership

BoatPass offers various membership categories, all including a half-day boat trip each month within your chosen boat category, the ability to upgrade to bigger or LUX boats, gas, captain services, docking fee and boat insurance. The big selling point is that they do not currently have any initiation fees, cancellation fees, or minimum commitment.

Comparing BoatPass to Traditional Boat Clubs

BoatPass differentiates itself from traditional boat clubs in five main ways:

  1. Affordability: No initiation or cancellation fees, no hidden fees, no gas fees, no captain fees.
  2. Flexibility: Members can cancel anytime, even within the first month.
  3. Availability: BoatPass guarantees available dates when booked more than 7 days in advance.
  4. Locations: Multiple marinas in Florida offer members a broader selection.
  5. Boat Choices: BoatPass allows members to upgrade to larger or more luxurious boats easily.

BoatPass is truly a revolution in the boating world, especially for Florida residents and visitors. By eliminating the usual challenges and expenses of boat ownership and offering a flexible, user-friendly service, they’ve made the joys of boating accessible to a broader audience. For anyone who’s ever dreamed of cruising Florida’s waters, basking in its beauty, and living the boating dream, BoatPass is the answer. The combination of Florida’s breathtaking scenery and the top-notch service of BoatPass is a match made in boating heaven.

Insider tips: They have an amazing offer!

As of the writing of this article, BoatPass is offering $300 in credits to everyone who joins! All you have to do is schedule a call with them. You can find more details on their website: https://www.boatpassclub.com/