MIAMI BEACH, FLA. (WSVN) - Police have arrested a man who, they said, conned people into letting them use their phones to send himself money. Now a victim is speaking out about her encounter with the serial scammer.

The victim, who asked not to be identified, said it started as a day at the beach for her and her friend back in December.

“This is right before the incident, because we’re all smiles,” she said as she showed pictures to 7News.

The victim said she and her friend ran into the suspect.

“[He] told me he was a musician and asked to add himself on Instagram,” she said.

The victim said the man introduced himself as a performer and artist looking to reach a larger audience through social media.

“[I told him], ‘Sure, I’ll follow you. You’re a musician. Let me give you some support. Cool, I get it,'” she said.

The victim said she handed her cellphone to the man so he could set her up to follow him on Instagram.

“It all happened so fast,” she said.

“Fast” and, police said, fraudulent.

“It was less than an hour when I saw an email that said I had $1,200, through Venmo, [sent] to this stranger,” said the victim.

The man was gone and so was $1,200 from her Venmo account, and that’s when the victim realized she had been scammed.

“I knew immediately what had happened,” she said.

Now she wants her story out there as a warning to others.

“It was, like, this sense of panic,” she said.

This woman is not alone. Police said she’s one of several people who were scammed in Miami Beach by the same man, who’s allegedly worked with others.

The problem is so bad, police are making videos to make people aware, like a recent clip posted by Miami Beach Police.

“It’s essential that you remain vigilant, and be aware of any potential scams,” said a spokesperson for the police department in the video.

Thr video also recreates a potential scamming scenario to show how con artists pose as club promoters or entertainment types, promising club access, drink vouchers and other perks to unsuspecting victims.

“These individuals are accessing money transferring apps and sending themselves large amounts of money while in possession of your phone,” said the Miami Beach Police spokesperson.

The victim who spoke with 7News said the scammer who targeted her sent cash and a gift emoji to another Venmo account, as seen in screenshot she provided.

But police would catch up with the suspect, identified as James Plitsas, whom they re-arrested,

Police said he has been busted three more times since the December duping of the victim on the beach.

In a statement, a Miami Beach Police spokesperson wrote, “Through a meticulous operation and the strategic utilization of social media, MBPD investigators were able to successfully apprehend the defendant.”

As for the victim, she has a message for the public.

“Listen to your gut instinct, and never hand a stranger your phone,” she said.

Plitsas remains locked up. He faces numerous charges in connection to at least four open cases, including grand theft and fraud. .

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